Zelda TOTK Swift Violets: How To Farm (Locations)

Having no luck finding the Swift Violets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Then, check out some of the best locations to farm it.

In Zelda TotK, finding the Swift Violet flower is pretty tricky. Because it mainly blooms on the cliffsides of the Hyrule Kingdom. So it seems you’ll be going to do a lot of climbing if you really want to get your hands on this material. But it’ll be worth it as this vitality-rich flower provides a good movement-speed boost when cooked into a dish. Apart from the unique buff, players are also looking for it in order to upgrade some of their armor pieces. If you are too, then allow us to lead your way. Below we have listed all the locations to find and farm Swift Violet in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Swift Violet Flower in Zelda TotK

Where to Find Swift Violet Flower in Zelda TotK tears of the kingdom
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As mentioned earlier, in Zelda TotK players can find the Swift Violet flower mainly on the cliffsides. And below are some best locations to farm this material.

  • Around Hebra Mountains
  • Around Tabantha Frontier
  • Between Thundra Plateau and Ludfo’s Bog
  • Mountains near the entrance of Gerudo Desert Gateway
  • Gerudo Highlands

Simply look around these areas, and you’ll surely spot this flower on the walls of the mountain. After finding some, you’ll have to climb near it and then only you’ll get the prompt to grab. If you’re still looking for more Swift Violets then you can always mark the above-mentioned locations and visit again. The flowers usually respawn after an in-game day or two. Or you can always head to Zora’s Domain and buy some pieces of this flower for 40 rupees each. After you have enough of it, you should avoid selling it to get money in the game. For a better understanding, scroll down to know more about how you can use Swift Violets in TotK.

How to Use Swift Violets in Tears of the Kingdom

Players can use the Swift Violets to cook meals and get a Hasty effect for a few minutes. This unique effect will buff Link’s speed and help him move faster. Similarly, this flower is also used to increase the duration of other Special effect meals by an additional 1 minute. Apart from that, the Great Fairies will also demand Swift Violets in order to upgrade some of your armor pieces, such as.

  • Climber’s Bandanna
  • Climbing Gear
  • Sand Boots
  • Snow Boots
  • Climbing Boots

That covers all about the locations to find & farm Swift Violet in Zelda TotK. If you’d like to make some tasty meals in the game, then check out the Cooking Recipes Book. Also, take a look at the Duplication glitch to dupe items in Tears of the Kingdom.