What Is The Highest Quota In Lethal Company? (Answered)

Check out this guide to know the highest quota available for players to reach in Lethal Company.

In Lethal Company, players are hired as contracted workers with the sole purpose of collecting scraps and meeting the quota requirement of the Company. As you travel to different types of abandoned moons during the expedition, the profit requirement of the company will seemingly increase with every run in the game. This might make some players wonder what’s the highest quota that the workers can fulfill for the Company.

The quota in Lethal Company is nothing but the amount of scrap items players will have to collect for the Company to reach profit. You will be able to collect different types of items with different values on the abandoned moons you visit. On the quest, you will either fulfill the quota for which it will be increased or you will die at the hands of the strange creatures and entities that lurk on these moons. So if you are wondering what’s the highest margin that you will ever have to reach to satisfy the Company, then here is a guide you should check out further.

What is the Max Quota in Lethal Company?

What Is The Max Quota In Lethal Company?
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For now, the Lethal Company doesn’t have any limit for quota and it will keep on increasing once it’s met by the players during the run. There won’t be a certain highest quota that you will have to reach to complete the game and satisfy all the profit requirements for the Company. Every time you fulfill the recent quota requirement and jump on to the next one, the difficulty will keep on increasing as you progress through the game.

Since Lethal Company doesn’t specifically have any dedicated ending, you can go through the abandoned moons and collect scrap while simultaneously increasing the quota and difficulty of the game. With that being said, many players have reported meeting quotas of up to 5000 in the game. Players who are now used to every mechanic of the game are dealing with quotas even higher.

However, you will see many casual gamers reaching the highest quota up to 2500 and 3000. We would suggest if you are aiming for higher quotas for each run then learning all the team roles is important. It will make things easier for you to reach different limits.

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