Highest Paid Sport Career In Bitlife

Here is how to get the highest paid sport career in Bitlife by being the most athletic as possible!

Sports fans rejoice because now you can become a sports star in Bitlife just like one of your favorite sports stars that you look up to. But what is the highest-paid sport in Bitlife? And how do you lead up to becoming one of the highest-paid sports athletes? This guide will teach you all of it.

What is the Highest Paid Sport in Bitlife?

Highest Paid Sports Bitlife

Bitlife offers plenty of choices to select which sport you want to make a career in, but not all of them pay the most. Here is the list of all sports available:

  • American Football (United States)
  • Baseball (United States)
  • Basketball (United States)
  • Hockey (United States)
  • Soccer (For men: United Kingdom, Spain, Italy,
    Germany, Brazil. For women: United States, United Kingdom)
  • Rugby (Australia, United Kingdom)
  • Volleyball (United States)

Of all the available sports, Soccer is the highest-paid sport but only if done in the right way because just as in real life, becoming the highest paid sports star is not easy but don’t worry since this guide has you covered.

Bitlife has a hidden characteristic stat in the form of ‘athleticism’ which highly affects your prowess in sports so it needs to be honed from an early age. Athleticism skills previously only affected whether you can enter a sports club or not but now it’s one of the core skills required to become a professional athlete.

Preparing to Play Your Sport in Early School Life

highest paid sports Bitlife

During the early stages of your character’s life, start taking long walks along with the speed walk option selected. This is best done until the age of 12. Then from the age of 12, until you enroll in a high school, you should go hit the gym as much as possible. You can also keep taking long walks whenever you can as this will only improve your stats.

Once you get into high school, keep the gym a high priority and apply to join a football team. Even though you can create your own football team at this point, it is advisable that you join a pre-existing team as it will improve your popularity and reputation more. Don’t forget to keep studying hard as well to not get kicked out of school because of bad grades.

Getting the Highest Paid Sport During Adult Life

After your character has turned 18 and graduated, you may get an offer for an athletic scholarship, accepting this will get you into a university for free but it doesn’t do much for your career in sports. what you want is an offer from a team that wants to sign you and potentially emigrate to whichever country they are in.

If you don’t get any offers upfront, you can still apply for it under Job > Special Careers > Professional Sports > The league you want to enter > the team you want to enter. Note that it is harder to get into a team if you didn’t already get offered to join it.

These steps should get you in the big leagues, remember to constantly have things like a gym on priority to keep your character athletic and in the best shape possible, and remember to train as much as possible so you can keep moving up to the better-paying and more popular teams. Check out our other guides on Bitlife like how to become a famous DJ, how to have a perfect relationship with your pets, and how to marry into royalty.