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How Can I Have Perfect Relationship With Pets In Bitlife?

Here's how you can have a Perfect Relationship with your Pets in Bitlife easily.

If you’re playing Bitlife for a while then you must know about the consequences of every decision you make in the game. This life simulation game is pretty simple & fun to play and developers are making it more exciting. Now you can have your own pet that’ll accompany you and fill the void. They’ve also introduced some challenges that you can complete. Such as the Smitten Kitten Challenge & Puppy Love Challenge. In order to complete this challenge the player will need to increase their relationship with the pets. However, if you’re struggling to do so, then we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll help you have a perfect relationship with pets in Bitlife.


How to Increase Relationship With Pets in Bitlife

How to increase Relationship With Pets Bitlife

In order to increase & have a perfect relationship with your Pets in Bitlife, you’ll need to do various activities. Do activities that give pleasure to the pets and improve their affection towards you. Players will also need to make sure about their health and take them to a Veterinarian whenever needed. Other than that, for your reference, we have mentioned all the important activities that you should do in the article below.

  • Give Treats to the pets whenever they seem cranky or after baths and walks.
  • Don’t forget to take them for a Walk to let them have their playtime.
  • Another important thing you should do is Bathe them to maintain hygiene and avoid diseases.
  • And the last thing you can do is simply Spend some Time with them to increase affection.

These were all the important things that you should surely do to increase & have a perfect relationship with your pets in Bitlife. Apart from these activities, you can do many more pleasant things with them in the game. If you’re unable to find more activities in the game then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, launch the game and head to Main Menu.
  • Next, select the pet.
  • After that, simply click on the Relationship tab.
  • Then, go to the Activities tab.

That sums up everything you need to know about how you can have a perfect relationship with your pets in Bitlife easily. While you’re here check out how to complete Smitten Kitten Challenge in the game.