Tears Of The Kingdom Heroines Secret Quest Guide

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Heroines Secret quest introduces you to a new archeologist Rotana. She wants to learn all about the 7 Heroines, a group of Gerudo warriors. However, she is not able to complete the research and you’re going to help her with it. It’s recommended to complete this quest in order to unlock more Rotana-related adventures. If you’re having trouble with these side quest objectives then we’re here to help. For your convenience, below we have mentioned all about how you can complete Heroines Secret quest in TotK easily.

How to Complete Heroines Secret Quest in TotK

find 4 Stelae for Heroines Secret rotana
Source Images: BeardBear

To complete the Heroines Secret quest in TotK you’ll have to find 4 Stelae and click a picture of them all. So Rotana can know more about the ancient Heroines. Players can easily find these stone tablets in the Gerudo Shelter itself, they just have to look harder. With that being said, let’s dive right into it.

  1. If you haven’t acquired the quest, then for that you’ll have to meet Rotana in Gerudo Shelter.
  2. To get inside the Gerudo Shelter first go to Gerudo Town located on the southwest side of the Surface map.

    How to Complete Heroines Secret Quest in TotK
    Source Images: BeardBear
  3. Next, move toward the throne room and enter the huge hole in the middle of the stairs.
  4. After entering the hole, if you are not able to access the door then check out how you can get into the Gerudo Shelter.
  5. Once you’re inside, move further and interact with Rotana to trigger the quest.
  6. And then she will task you to find the 4 missing Stelae. Below are the coordinates to find them all.
    • Stelae 1 coordinates -3892, -2994, 0032
    • Stelae 2 coordinates -3887, -2928, 0034
    • Stelae 3 coordinates -3849, -2943, 0029
    • Stelae 4 coordinates -3854, -2982, 0032
    • Reaching the above-mentioned coordinates can be tricky, so to ease up the process check out our Gerudo Stelae Locations guide.
  7. Once you have all the Stelae photos, head back to Rotana and show them to her. Then she will reward you with 100 Rupees and also talk about your upcoming quest i.e. TotK The Mysterious Eighth Quest.

That is everything about how you can complete the Heroines Secret quest in TotK. If you haven’t got your hands on the White Sword of the Sky, then check out how you can get it. Also, take a look at the locations to farm Rubies & Diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom.

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