Rubies In Tears Of Kingdom: How To Find (Ruby Locations)

Running low on Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom? Then, check out the best locations to farm Rubies in TotK.

In Tears of the Kingdom, you’re going to find all kinds of valuable resources such as Rubies, Diamonds, Sapphires & more. But if you’re aiming to farm some Rupees, then selling Ruby is one of the best options. However, unlike other stones, it doesn’t have a high spawn rate and can take a while to farm a good amount of it. If you’re already struggling to get your hands on this item, then we’ll help you speed up the process. For your convenience, below we have mentioned all the best locations to farm & get Rubies in TotK.

Which are the Best Locations to Farm Rubies in TotK

rare golden ore location to farm ruby in totk
Source Image: Joe Hammer Gaming

In Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), to find & farm Rubies you’ll have to explore the caves around the Hyrule Kingdom. And there look for rare ore deposits that have a golden tinge on them. Once you find it, simply grab Stone Hammer or other equipment to break it and that’ll do the trick. However, do note there’s a possibility that you can end up with some other valuable resources. So the trick is to save your game before you destroy the ore. And when it doesn’t drops the items you’re looking for simply load your save and try again. To ease up the search, below we have mentioned some best locations to farm Ruby in Tears of the Kingdom.

Best Locations to Farm Rubies in TotK
Source Image: Joe Hammer Gaming
  • The first place you should look is near Death Mountain, you can get there by teleporting to the Sitsum Shrine. After getting there explore the caves around the mountain.
  • Players can also farm some Ruby by exploring the caves near the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower.
  • Many players have also reported that they found a good amount of Rubies in the cave just above Puffer Beach.

If you’re not familiar with the mentioned locations, then check out our Tears of the Kingdom Interactive Map for more details. Apart from searching the caves, you can also defeat the Rare Stone Talus to farm a decent amount of Rubies in TotK. This boss enemy is located in various locations, which makes it a good farming method.

What to do with Ruby in Tears of the Kingdom

The best way to use Ruby is to simply sell it to the merchants you find in the game. 1 Ruby can get you up to 110 Rupees which really comes in handy. Players can even maximize their profit by selling the rubies to Ramella, a Stone merchant usually found in Goron City. On the other hand, you can also fuse Ruby with your weapon, but it won’t be that useful.

That is all you need to know about the best locations to find & farm Rubies in TotK. If you’re looking forward to getting more money, then check out other ways to farm Rupees in the game. Also, take a look at the Duplicate Glitch to dupe your items in Tears of the Kingdom.