All 4 Gerudo Stelae Locations In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom TOTK

To complete Heroine's Secret side quest in Zelda TOTK, check out where to find all Gerudo Stelae.

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you must find 4 Gerudo Stelae locations to complete the Heroine’s Secret side quest. You can get this quest once you enter the emergency shelter in Gerudo Town. Once you find the secret way to the shelter, you’ll meet the residents of Gerudo Town. Among them is Rotana, who’ll ask you to photograph the four stelae inside the shelter. In this guide, we will tell you where to find all stelae in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find All 4 Gerudo Stelae In Zelda TOTK

Before you start this mission, make sure you’ve unlocked the ability to use the camera. Moreover, you must meet certain requirements to capture each Stelae. To make it easy, below are coordinates for all Gerudo Stelae locations in TOTK and how to capture them.

Gerudo Stelae 1 Location

Gerudo Stelae 1 location in TOTK
Image Source: WoW Quests on YouTube
  • Coordinates: (-3892, -2994, 0032)

The first Stelae is located in a big room right next to Rotana. Simply enter the room and take a left to find rubble. Use a hammer to clear the rocks and you’ll find the first Stelae.

Gerudo Stelae 2 Location

Stelae 2
Image Source: WoW Quests on YouTube
  • Coordinates: (-3887, -2928, 0034)

Finding the second Stelae is a bit tricky. It’s in a room full of jars. Once you’re in this room, look for an opening in the wall behind some white jars. Then, break the jars and crouch to enter the prison. Once you’re in the room, use the Ascend ability to reach the floor above where the second Stelae is located.

Gerudo Stelae 3 Location

Gerudo Stelae 1 location in TOTK
Image Source: WoW Quests on YouTube
  • Coordinates: (-3849, -2943, 0029)

The third Stelae is quite easy to reach from Rotana’s position. However, it is hidden and broken. Once you reach the coordinates, you’ll need a Guster to clear the dust off the Stelae. Then, use the Ultrahand ability to connect repair it, and take its photograph.

Gerudo Stelae 4 Location

Gerudo Stelae 4 location
Image Source: WoW Quests on YouTube
  • Coordinates: (-3854, -2982, 0032)

The fourth Stelae is easy to reach as well but there’s a chance of entry being denied. If so, then you must return after the morning lessons for children are over. Once you’re in the classroom, stand at the coordinates and align the Stelae in your camera to capture it.

Now that you have all the images, head back to Rotana to complete the Heroine’s Secret quest.

We hope this location guide helped you to find all 4 Gerudo Stelae in Zelda TOTK. To explore the desert beyond the Gerudo shelter, you’ll need heat-resistant armor. So check out how to get it and other helpful guides in our TOTK section.

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