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How To Get Into Gerudo Town Shelter TOTK

No Voe allowed? Here's how to enter the Gerudo Town Shelter in Zelda TOTK.

The Gerudo Town Shelter in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) does not allow a “voe” (man) to enter, so players are looking for ways to get into it. Unlike BOTW, where players had to get the Gerudo Outfit to enter the town, this game has a twist to it. Reaching this town is a task in itself because of all the heat. But when you reach the town, you’ll notice that it is empty. Everyone is in the emergency shelter because of monsters and the sand shroud. To continue your quest in Gerudo Town, you must find the entrance to the shelter. So here’s how to enter this shelter in TOTK.

How to Enter the Gerudo Town Shelter in TOTK

Gerudo Town Shelter entrance in TOTK
Image Source: Kibbles Gaming on YouTube

The Gerudo Town Emergency Shelter is located at the coordinates (-3861, -2940, 0037), below the Soryotanog Shrine. To get into this shelter in Zelda TOTK, climb the stairs back up, go to the entrance, and take a right. You’ll find an entrance to an underground tunnel at the coordinates (-3792, -2904, 0044). This tunnel will lead you to the Gerudo Town Shelter in TOTK.

Ascend here to enter Gerudo Town Shelter
Image Source: Kibbles Gaming on YouTube

First, jump down this entrance and swim to the right. Then, follow the straight path and you’ll notice glass bottles with letters in them. These bottles are indicators to reach the right location. Swimming here will use up a lot of Link’s stamina since you have to swim upstream. So make sure you use every platform in the way to replenish your stamina. Eventually, you’ll reach an area with torches and a tied-up jar. Go around this jar and use the Ascend ability to enter the Gerudo Tower Emergency Shelter. This will trigger a cutscene and you can take on further quests.

That’s everything from us on how to enter the Gerudo Town Shelter in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). While you’re here, check out how to get Heat Resistant Armor to explore more of the Gerudo desert in our TOTK section.