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How To Make Energizing Elixir For Stamina In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (ToTK)

With Energizing Elixir, you can get a temporary stamina boost so here's how to make it in Zelda ToTK.

In Zelda Tears of The Kingdom, you can make stamina elixirs to get a temporary stamina buff. As you must’ve discovered, you need a lot of stamina to explore the vast Hyrule Kingdom. Climbing tall mountains, swimming across large water bodies, or paragliding off Skyview Towers, your stamina will determine how far you go. You can permanently increase this bar by completing Shrines like the Orochium. But it will take a while before you find and complete each one. This guide will tell you how to make the Energizing Elixir to restore stamina in ToTK.

How to Make Zelda ToTK Energizing Elixir for Stamina

Energizing Elixir to restore stamina in Zelda ToTK
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To make the Stamina Elixir, better known as the Energizing Elixir, you must cook a Restless Cricket or an Energetic Rhino Beetle with a monster part in a cooking pot. The potency of the elixir depends on the amount of ingredients you use in it.

All you have to do for the ingredients is explore the Hyrule Kingdom very carefully. For example, to get Restless Crickets, you’ll have to go around the grassy areas of Hyrule. Cut down tall grass or lift up rocks; you’ll find these critters in abundance. In the case of the Energetic Rhino Beetles, you’ll find them in Central Hyrule or the western Necluda region. The easiest ingredient to find in this recipe is Monster Parts. You can get them as drops for beating various monsters.

Once you have all the ingredients, visit a Cooking Pot or use a Portable Zonai Pot to whip up the elixir. Now, you can scale that tall mountain or swim across that vast lake without running out of stamina.

That’s all from us on how to make stamina elixir in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom (TOTK). You can check many more elixir recipes that’ll give Link temporary buffs, and you can check them in our ToTK guides section.