Splatoon 3: How To Unlock & Get Hero Mode Rewards

Here is every reward you can get in the Hero Mode of Splatoon 3.

If you are looking for some good weapons or gear in Splatoon 3 you should unlock the Rewards you get from the Hero mode. This is a collection that has a weapon, 3 gears, and a locker sticker. The best part is getting it isn’t all that tough. So in this guide let us quickly check the list of all Hero mode rewards in Splatoon 3, and how to unlock them.

Hero Mode Rewards List in Splatoon 3

splatoon 3 all hero mode rewards and how to get them

You can get the following Hero Rewards by completing the Story Mode of the game:

  • Hero Mindset Replica (Headgear)
    • Main Ability: Sub Power Up
  • Hero Suit Replica (Clothing)
    • Main Ability: Quick Respawn
  • Memories of Alterna (Locker Sticker)
  • Hero Boots Replica (Shoes)
    • Main Ability: Ink Resistance Up
  • Hero Shot Replica (Gun)

The above rewards you unlock by just completing the story mode. But there are a few more rewards that you can unlock by completing the post-game, and they are:

  • Teddy Band (Headgear)
    • Main Ability: Comeback
  • Alternan (Title)
  • World Champ (Title)
  • Extra Alterna Log (Final Alterna)

In case you have the Callie Amiibo, then you can also use them to unlock these Hero Rewards:

  • Headset Replica (Headgear)
    • Main Ability: Run Speed Up
  • Jacket Replica (Clothing)
    • Main Ability: Swim Speed Up
  • Runner Replica (Shoes)
    • Main Ability: Quick Super Jump

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How to Unlock Hero Rewards

To unlock the Hero Gear and the Memories of Alterna sticker you simply need to complete the main story of the game. But in order to get the post-game rewards, you will need to complete every level of the story mode to unlock the secret kettle level. When you complete the After Alterna (secret kettle level) then you get the post-game rewards.

That covers this guide on the list of all hero mode rewards in Splatoon 3 and how to unlock them. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our guides on how to scan & redeem rewards, use tacticooler, and the little buddy hairstyles list. And for other topics check out our Splatoon 3 section.