Splatoon 3: How To Use Tacticooler

Learn how to use the Tacticooler in Splatoon 3 from this guide.

Splatoon 3 has a wide variety of Weapons. Each Weapon has a Sub Weapon & a Special. The Sub & Special are bound to the weapon and can really help you if you use them properly. One such Special is the Tacticooler. It is a giant Vending Machine that can aid you & your Team in Battle. Using it properly can pave your way to Victory. In this guide, I will show you how to Use the Tacticooler in Splatoon 3.

How to Use the Tacticooler in Splatoon 3

use tacticooler splatoon 3

A Tacticooler is a Special Weapon in Splatoon 3 that deploys a Cooler with four drinks, one for each member of the team. These Drinks have a lightning bolt design on them & provide Temporary Boosts. Those Boosts include:

  • Swim Speed Up (29 AP)
  • Run Speed Up (29 AP)
  • Intensify Action (57 AP)
  • Quick Super Jump (57 AP)
  • Quick Respawn (57 AP, Respawn Punisher can negate it)
  • Special Saver (57 AP, Respawn Punisher can negate it)
  • Ink Resistance Up (57 AP)

The duration of the Boosts depends on how much Special the player had before dropping the Tacticooler down. The lower the amount, the lesser the duration. Another use of the Tacticooler in Splatoon 3 is it can be a formidable wall that can block Ink from both Parties, as long as it is active. However, it can be destroyed by the environment like moving Platforms & Walls, or even other Tacticoolers. The Tacticooler is one of the best Defensive Special that can convert into a Counter-attack.

Tips & Tricks for the Tacticooler

The Best tips on using the Tacticooler in Splatoon 3 are as follows.

  • Use it whenever you can.
  • Drop it near Allies.
  • Use it as a Shield when you get the Chance.
  • Use your Tacticooler to break the Enemy’s Tacticooler.
  • Counter-attack after you drank the Energy Drink provided by the Tacticooler.

This was all about how to Use the Tacticooler in Splatoon 3. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How to Choose or Join a Splatfest Team in Splatoon 3.