How To Do The Hanged Man GPS Quest In Sons Of The Forest

You don't wanna leave them hanging. Pun aside here is how you do the Hanged Man GPS quest in Sons of the Forest.

Hanged Man GPS is an odd quest in Sons of the Forest, and can take a while to complete. You can follow the location on the map but most likely will find nothing. And digging around won’t be of much use either. But when you look up at the mountain you will find the body and where the signal was coming from. But you cannot exactly climb a mountain here using ledges like many other games. So here is how you can complete the Hanged Man quest and get his GPS locator in Sons of the Forest.

Hanged Man GPS Quest Walkthrough for Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest complete hanged man quest and get gps locator
Image Credit: WoW Quests on YouTube

You need to climb up the mountain and cut the hanged man loose to and get the GPS to complete this quest. While it doesn’t appear like much of a quest, because the end goal is basically to collect the GPS Tracker from the body. Here is what you need to do for it:

  1. Follow the purple GPS location on the map to get to the Hanged man.
  2. If you go from down you will see a body hanging by the side of the cliff.
  3. Facing it turn right and follow the trail to climb up the mountain.
  4. Go to the cliff and you will find a rope tied to a boulder. You can also find a rope, vodka bottle, and energy bars here.
  5. Equip the Tactical or Fire Axe and Cut the rope free.
  6. The body will fall down.
  7. Go back to the route you followed to get here. There doesn’t seem to be a slope here that leads you directly down so a sled won’t be of much use.
  8. Once here, you can collect the GPS tracker from the body to complete the quest. You can also find another Vodka bottle on the Body.

That covers this guide on how to complete the Hanged Man GPS quest in Sons of the Forest. Make sure you make a tent after you get it and save the game. Doing it all over again will be quite bothersome. If you enjoyed this guide and need more help then check some of our other topics on how to kill sharks, get the machete, and get the revolver. And for any other topics not mentioned here check out our Sons of the Forest section.