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Forspoken: How To Grapple

Scared of heights? Check out our guide on how to grapple in Forspoken.

Forspoken follows the journey of Frey as she teleports down to the mystical lands of Athia from New York City. With the newly found magical skills, Frey can parkour across the different regions swiftly and quickly. There are several instances while climbing huge mountains where you might need to grapple with something. But a majority of players are confused about grappling. Not to worry, check out our guide to find out how to grapple in Forspoken.


How to Grapple in Forspoken

You can grapple by using the Zip parkour ability in Forspoken. You can hit the Square button to use the Zip ability. There are several grappling structures across the open world like spikes, poles, rocks, wall cubes, and more.

So, here’s how you can Grapple:

  • Firstly, aim at the Grappling structures or points that you can grapple to.
how to grapple forspoken
Image Source – Dmgaming on YouTube
  • Then, hit the Square button on your controller to use the Zip ability.
  • Finally, zap out of the way to grapple across the way.

Aside from climbing tall structures, Zip ability can also help you get out of harm’s way. You can use the Zip ability to grapple out of the way while fighting bosses or enemies. But note that using the Zip ability also depletes your Stamina bar. So, make sure to chain the Zip with Rush ability. As you do so, the Rush ability replenishes a small chunk of Stamina. This can help you while climbing cliffs, mountains, and ledges. You can also use the Soar ability to climb higher with multiple leaps in quick succession.


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