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Forspoken: How To Fast Travel

Confused about fast travelling around Athia? Check out our guide on how to fast travel in Forspoken.

Forspoken revolves around Frey, a young New Yorker that’s teleported into the mystical lands of Athia through a portal. With her newly found magic Parkour skills and abilities, you can traverse across its open world. But for an easier way, you can use fast travel to get across Athia instantly. Aside from exploration, it can also be useful for several other purposes including healing. But how to do so? Check out our guide on how to fast travel in Forspoken to find out.

How to Fast Travel in Forspoken

You can fast travel by discovering the Pilgrims Refuges around the lands of Athia. These Pilgrim Refuges are special inns or buildings that can be found across all regions. Once you have found one, you need to activate it to fast travel. After activating the Pilgrim Refuge, you can head to the Map and click on the location you want to travel to. You will be prompted with a confirmation asking if you want to travel to that location. Hit the Yes button to travel to that location.

fast travel in forspoken

But before you do so, you have to unlock Fast Travel in Forspoken.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

You can unlock Fast Travel pretty early by progressing through the game’s story. You will find a Pilgrim Refuge after finding a way out of Cipal city. As soon as you come out of Cipal, you will find a small building to your left. You have to enter and walk inside the Pilgrim Refuge to activate it. If you don’t walk inside the Refuge, you won’t see it on the Map. So, make sure to walk inside and activate every Pilgrim Refuge you encounter.

Aside from fast traveling, these Refuges also replenish and heal your health. So, it can be quite useful after or before encountering powerful enemies or bosses. You simply need to rest on the Bed inside the Refuge to restore your health. In addition to that, you can also find Healing Draughts inside these Refuges.

If you want easier fast travel, we suggest discovering and activating most of the Pilgrim Refuges around Athia.

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