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All Forspoken Magical Parkour Abilities (Explained)

Excited about the Magic Parkour? Check out our guide that explains all the Parkour abilities in Forspoken.

Forspoken follows the journey of Frey, a young New Yorker teleported to the mystical lands of Athia. As she searches for her way back home, she has to use her newly gifted magic for traversal and different maneuvers. With the Magic Parkour, you will not only be able to traverse around but also survive the monstrous creatures. These skills and magical powers allow you to leap around the vast open world of Athia with simple fluidity. We have compiled all the Magic Parkour abilities or skills that you can use at your disposal. So, check out our guide that explains all the Parkour abilities in Forspoken.


All Forspoken Parkour Abilities

Here are all the Magic Parkour skills or abilities that Frey can use in Forspoken:

  • Flow
  • Rush
  • Shimmy
  • Scale
  • Soar
  • Zip
  • Float
  • Glide

Now, let’s look at each of these Parkour abilities in more detail:


This parkour skill allows Frey to move at an incredibly faster speed. But this part is simply the core to learning and practicing more complex maneuvers. Using this ability, you will be able to leap great distances as Frey dashes her way. You cannot scale a huge mountain or a tall building by simply using the Flow ability. You need the Stamina to execute and perform this skill. Quite obviously, there are some limitations to this skill. But you can use other skills to chain and balance out the Flow ability.


forspoken parkour abilities


The Rush ability allows you to travel faster and further ahead with the Flow ability. Speaking of which, this ability not only allows quicker traversal but also replenishes her stamina. Keeping this in mind, you can use the Rush ability in times of lower stamina bar. This can help you leap long distances while maintaining your stamina to travel further.


forspoken parkour abilities


Using this skill, Frey can accelerate rapidly covering large distances with a single long jump. And that too without using her stamina. You can complete different Spellcraft Challenges to upgrade Frey’s Magic Parkour abilities. For that, you must perform specific skills for a certain amount of time. This can help reduce her stamina consumption or upgrade her recovery rate.



Scale is a defensive Parkour ability that Frey can use to cross tall vertical heights. While using Flow can get you only a little far, Scale can help you leap across. This ability creates Phantom Footholds that allow you to launch into the air. Now, you can chain Scale skill with Flow or Rush to traverse the way out.


Soar ability allows you to climb higher with multiple leaps in rapid succession. Using this, you can reach incredible vertical heights that are not possible with Flow or Rush ability. This would help you get into the regions that might be inaccessible to you. And the best part is it really flexes her Parkour skills.


Upon using this skill, you will be able to Zip across difficult scenarios. Depending on when to use it, you can use the Zip to grab onto different objects. It is like a grappling hook except it’s magical in this case. This can help you get out of difficult situations like fighting a buffed monster or boss. Or Zip can also help bypass tricky ledges or tall walls. Furthermore, this can help Frey cross distances that are not within her reach.

forspoken parkour abilities


This is one of the defensive abilities that can keep you out of trouble. The Float ability defies the force of gravity to soften your fall from great heights. Aside from using it simply to save yourself from huge cliffs, you can also use it to bridge huge gaps around Athia. Float can also help you leap across tall buildings or ravines. You can combine this Parkour skill with Zip to get out of harm’s way and cover long distances.

float skill


As the name suggests, this Parkour skill allows you to glide across deep waters. Similar to surfing great waves, Glide allows skimming across the water bodies. These water bodies include sea, lake, or river. As you perform a well-timed Zip, you get a magical tether that allows Frey to grab onto it to survive.

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