How To Place GPS Tracker In Sons Of The Forest (With Video)

Not sure where you can keep the GPS locator? Here are two ways.

Wondering how to place or drop the GPS locator in Sons Of The Forest? This guide will help you out. The GPS Locator works as a navigator and minimap for players and you keep it in your left hand as you explore and survive the world. If you are curious to know what to do with the GPS tracker, find out more here.

How to Use the GPS Locator in Sons Of The Forest

Players can put a stick on the ground vertically and then place their GPS locator on top of it. This will mark the location’s icon on your GPS. You can use these points to navigate around the map. Thanks to Steam community users for this tip!

You can use this mechanic to mark locations on the map. With this, you can return to this area later since it will be a marker on your minimap. Players can do this in important locations where they can find important resources or crafting materials.

Here’s a video if you prefer a visual guide:

How to Place GPS Locator on Companions

When you meet the three legged woman Virginia, you can open up her inventory and use the GPS locator, once she is your companion. Pick it up and place it on her body. Now you can track her via the map.

Initially, she will be scared of you and try to run off. But after a few days, she will stop running away after which you can gain her trust. Make sure that you treat her kindly and aren’t aggressive toward her. Definitely don’t try to kill her if you wish to have her as a companion. Whenever you see her, approach her without any weapon in your hand.

As soon as you are friendly with her, she won’t run away and you will see an interact button with a backpack icon on top of her.

how to drop gps tracker sons of the forest
Background image credit: KirkOnTheLurk on Youtube

You can then give her weapons if you’d like, but if you look at the open bag, there’s an icon that looks like a GPS locator, so you can place it there.

We will update this article as we progress further in the game and get more information. Stay tuned to our Sons of the Forest guides on Gamer Tweak for more survival tips and items that you may need to know about. For example, find out how to get the Rebreather, craft a Molotov Cocktail, Cook and Eat food, get water, log sled, 3D printer, and more.