How To Befriend & Get Virginia (3 Legged Woman) Sons Of The Forest

Here is how to befriend the three-legged woman Veronica in Sons of the Forest.

If you have played The Forest, you will be aware of the severely mutated creatures – Virginias. Well, they’re back to haunt you in Sons of the Forest as well. However, there’s only one of them this time who is named Virginia. Her role in this game is quite different from the predecessor. This guide will tell you about the 3 legged woman in Sons of the Forest & how to befriend her and get Virginia as a companion.

Who is the 3-Legged Woman in Sons of The Forest?

virginia companion sons of the forest

The 3-legged lady in Sons of the Forest is called Virginia and is a friendly NPC. Compared to the other mutant enemies in the game, you can recruit Virginia and make her your friend. Though she is partly mutated with 3 hands and 3 legs, Virginia won’t be hostile toward you at all.

As a companion, the three-legged lady will fight and explore alongside you and Kelvin – the other recruitable character. Although Virginia can appear creepy at first, you will get used to her as she helps you tackle the mutated enemies that await you in the forest. If you don’t know how to get Virginia as your companion in Sons of the Forest, then check out the steps below:

How to Befriend and Get Virginia as a Companion in Sons of The Forest

If you want to make Virginia your companion in Sons of The Forest, you will have to maintain a cautious approach as she gets scared quite easily. Make sure to holster any weapon or item in your hand by pressing the “G” key. Approaching the three-legged woman with weapons in hand will spook her away. As a result, try to maintain a calm and slow approach.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to make Virginia your companion with just one meeting. You will encounter her multiple times, so just ensure that you repeat the same process till then. The best place to find Virginia is in warm areas as she prefers the sun a lot more than any snowy region. As you establish a bond with her, you will be able to give her a pistol and a shotgun. Yes, she can wield two guns at the same time thanks to her three hands!

Just don’t commit the mistake of being hostile towards her as you might risk losing the opportunity of making her your companion.

Does Virginia Respawn?

A word of caution, if you kill Virginia she won’t respawn again. So, if you are comfortable with the idea of playing the game with one less companion, then feel free to go ahead.

Does Virginia Need Ammo?

It looks like she doesn’t need ammo in her weapons because once you give her the gun, she will shoot enemies for you left right and center.

That’s all you need to know about the 3-legged woman in Sons of the Forest, how to befriend Virginia as a companion and more info about her respawning/ammo requirement. For more such tips & tricks, head to our Sons of the Forest section on Gamer Tweak.