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Google Stadia Free Version Coming in 2020 – Is This Going to Change Anything?

Will you try?

Google launched Stadia claiming the “future of gaming is not box” but practically the response was not as good as expected. With more than 20 games lined over the Stadia Game Streaming platform, 2020 can bring some good news for Stadia. Google plans to release a free version of Stadia with limited features like 1080p streaming at 60fps with stereo sound while advance features will be part of Stadia Pro.

A 4K HDR & 5.1 surround sound plan cost around $10 a month, Google also released a dedicated hardware a controller to completely manage Stadia Platform that costa round $69, early adopter were charged $130 for a hardware kit that included the pro subscription. The response to Stadia launched was low because yet gamers are not ready to adopt game streaming technology.


But by bringing in a free subscription plan of Google Stadia there can be an increment in the subscription who will get a chance to try out a few free games instantly. Either on PC or a Mobile Stadia adds freedom of playing games anywhere anytime. Attached conditions to take benefit of such service is a high-speed bandwidth or else lags can kill gameplay experience. 4K streaming demands approx 35MBPS of internet connection.

Google also plans to release Stadia exclusive games to lure gamers, while Microsoft is already working on xCloud a similar game streaming platform. The benefits Microsoft has is the Xbox and Windows Operating system base that allows the company to take a giant leap in terms of offering services linked to console or PC. Google with over 22 games and more to be added seems a slow approach to bring in gamers.

It’s too early for a Game Streaming platform to thrive in the market with PC and Consoles and further depreciated by exclusive subscription plans by Game Stores, Developers and Publishers directly. We will wait and watch whether Google Stadia’s free plans can give users a positive experience from an entirely new service of online gaming.