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Google Stadia Experience On Fighting Games Affected by Latency

Streaming is the next Buffering

Game Streaming platform is considered as the next level of gaming where independent of the platform a user can play any game anywhere. Whether it’s Project xCloud or Google Stadia or PS Now the streaming platform allows users to stream games via the internet and enjoy games on mobile phones, TV, etc.

But a few testers after the launch of Google Stadia shared mixed views where Stumblebee, a Youtuber shared his experience of playing fighting games on Google Stadia. The test concludes practically Google Stadia is not meant for fighting games, the latency even on high-speed internet affects the overall gameplay experience caused by the slow response when the player hits the controller button.


First of all Google Stadia is not meant for slow internet, Playing games on 4K resolution requires a minimum 35 mbps of high speed internet connection. Upto 10mbps is required for 720p @60fps, and after having the connectivity still, there is a latency that affects the overall response time between the controller and the game.

The video above is by Stumblebee who shares a test of fighting games and concludes Stadia cannot handle fighting games. On Consoles the game copy is usually downloaded on the hard drive, everything is available offline where latency is lowest, while on Google Stadia is nothing is downloaded.


This is where latency affects character controls which is crucial in fighting games. A few second latencies can damage the overall gameplay experience.