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Subscriptions Will Be The Key To The Future Of Gaming – Rami Ismail

Rise of Subscription & Streaming Services

In the Year 2019, we witnessed the beginning of game streaming service where Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud carried the biggest drum. The concept is to bring a platform where Gamer’s independent of what platform they have can play their favorite game anywhere anytime. Discussed as hot potatoes a little while later when Stadia delivered the platform it got crushed by bandwidth instability, pricing and people right now does not care much about it.

Well, we have a high-end PC and console right in the living room so just give us some time.


According to Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) the biggest challenge for game developers will be way less about selling games, but more about getting a good deal with the relevant subscription providers or publishers who had good deals for platforms. This indicates subscription services will take a good place in the market allowing developers to have a steady flow of income and publishers to give more to their subscribers.

The game for game developers is going to be way less about selling games, and more about getting a good deal with a relevant subscription providers, or signing with a publisher that has a good deal with those platforms already. Either way, subscriptions will be the key to the future of gaming — for better or for worse – Rami Ismail

Rami added that he believes it is easy to pay a “small fee” to grab the games you want, but it is a challenging platform as well there are risks involved in pulling out the profile from the new model.


It sure is convenient to pay one small fee to access any game you’d want. If anything, 2019 makes me excited for 2020, when developers figure out the risks and opportunities of these new models.- Rami Ismail

Subscription services like Ubisoft Uplay+ where $14.99 a month unlocks 100+ games from the game developer. However, it will be a little tough for gamers to decide which subscription to choose. Origin Access by Origin Store brings up big deals and early access.  Apple also introduced its game platform and so there will more new announcements in the year 2020. Subscription services will be big in the year 2020, streaming services on the otherwise require a breakthrough to grow.

Source: Gameindustry.biz