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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beginners Tips & Tricks

Things you must remember before playing

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint takes you a lethal island of Auroa guarded with high-tech and armored guards. It is a place for pro’s and if you are not then you have to be one. Before you start with Breakpoint I want to share some Beginners Tips and Tricks to help you out in Breakpoint. These tips can help you to understand some important aspects of the game, it will help you to focus on survival and combat side-by-side. So let’s begin with Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beginners Tips.

Breakpoint Beginners Tips & Tricks


  1. Use Bandages In Cover: Bandages will help you to restore your full 100% health. And they are unlimited in the game, so you can pull yourself out from any bad situation. The only issue is that you cannot use bandage when you are exposed or when enemies are hunting you. Hide somewhere save and then use it. Instead, you can craft Syringes for short boot.
  2. Unlock Fast Travel Points: Deploy Bivouac in every region around the camp and objective missions. Save your time in traveling and avoid checkpoints, guards, etc. Bivouac act as a fast travel point along with access to the shop, crafting, drinking water and eating. You can also change class anytime through Biouvac.
  3. Always use a Silencer: A silencer or a noise suppressor is highly important because you are alone and surrounded by elite soldiers. Once they spot you all try to locate your location, so use a suppressor to take enemies quietly. Kill snipers, enemies with rocket launchers, etc first.
  4. Safely Healing Friends: In Multiplayer when a teammate is down, do not jump to heal him directly. Carry your ally to a safe place and then heal. On PS4 R3 is the key to carry someone.
  5. Special Skill Guage: Every class has a special skill that can give you an edge over stronger enemies. For example, a Sharpshooter can press L1+R1 to activate a special skill that activate high-power armor-piercing bullets. Using a Sniper or DMR, a Ghost of Sharpshooter calls can take down drones, robots, armored vehicles, etc. For Panther, they can execute a smokescreen which turns your team invisible for a short while. For Assault Class, the technique reduces damage, and weapon recoil for a short time.
  6. Wolve’s Camp: Do not jump into Wolves camp if you are not having good Gears and weapons.
  7. Hide HUD: On PS4 press D-pad down to hide the mini-map, objective info, etc. Press it back to view it again.
  8. Use Mines & C4: In tough situations when you are in an open ground with too many guards plant Mines. It is the best way to get rid of a group. Craft some explosives and place them in enemy pathways. You can also use Flash Grenades to blind enemies.
  9. Use Lure: There is a gadget Breakpoing you can find in the Inventory (Diversion Lure) that will lure enemies towards it without creating any alert.
  10. Recover from Fatigue: Your max stamina decreases when you are tired, reach a camp point deploy a Biouavc and rest for a while. Eat something and drink water to get a temporary boost. You can get water from rivers and one of the skill Water Filter once unlocked will allow you to filter waters from the swamp.
  11. Changing AIM Camera: You can change the camera while aiming by pressing R1 on PS4 to get a good viewpoint to hit the target.
  12. Hide Under Water: When you are nearby a water body press Circle on PS4 to hide underwater, this will makes enemies almost impossible to spot you. Or else you can use Prone Camo in open grounds.
  13. Evade: Press Circle two times to evade incoming attacks or run from the area of missile drop.
  14. Breath Control: Press L2 while aiming at an enemy using a sniper and control your breath for a while to get a perfect headshot.
  15. Dismantle Weapons: Dismantle weapons that you do not need to farm parts for crafting and upgrading weapons.
  16. Gather Intel: Shoot down enemies with i marked on them to gather intel.
  17. Surface to Air Missile: While flying try to stay low or else you will be taken down by a surface to air missile system.
  18. Know your Weapons: Assault Rifles are good for all ranges but do not comes with specializations, DMR offers good handling and power with decent range. A handgun is good to use when you are critically injured, LMG’s are heavy and hard-hitting automatic guns while a Shotgun offers burst damage best for destroying drones. SMG comes with low recoils and best for close range. Sniper Rifle comes with long-range and high power.

Upgrading Weapons and using Perks will help you to get more powerful in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You must know how to upgrade weapons that will help you take down stronger enemies faster. Understanding your class in Breakpoint is also important, what special technique it offers will help you to use them in tough situations. And healing is another important factor when you are ready for the battle.

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