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How To Heal Fast In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Restoring Health Is Not Straigthforward

Ghost Recon Breakpoint takes injuries to next level, its more realistic as you are wounded on the battlefield. The Health bar is on the bottom left of display that tells you how much health is drained, your character will not move properly when the injury level increases. Low health means low movement, and that means instant death. In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the injury system is impressive, you can face fall damage, bullets, as usual, explosives, etc. Auroa is a lethal territory controlled by advance soldiers, a land-locked land were hiding from surveillance is impossible but you can run.

In this Ghost Recon Breakpoint how to heal fast guide I will give you some important tips to survive in the battle, how to manage your consumables and what skills can help you to deal with tougher soldiers. My experience with Breakpoint relies on stealth-based tactics, I hate attention and you will also feel the same. So let’s begin.


How to Restore Health In Breakpoint

There are multiple ways to kill you, and so there are multiple ways to restore health and improve your character’s strength in Breakpoint. This is a very important aspect and you have to understand this well. Commo tasks in the Bivouac, like eating, drinking, crafting recipes are necessary to restore your health fast and easy. You can carry six items in your bag, there can be two consumables, one water, and other explosives. But with the upgrade, you can take more, in the Loadout section look on the bottom left for Inventory.

Hold R1 to launch the wheel, use the right joystick to pick an item and then press L1 to use the consumable.


Syringes: These are instant consumables, available right in the inventory. Best when you are attacked and have a little space to escape because wrapping bandages need a safe spot. Hold

Bandages: Use bandages when you are highly damaged and almost immobile, it is necessary to have a safe cover or else enemies will shoot you down. In Breakpoint, most of the guards will not stay on their spot, once you are spotted they will run towards your locations, so avoid using bandages in open area, this will completely restore your health. Bandages are Ulimited.


Ration: Head to Bivouac and you will unlock an entirely different set of menus to prepare yourself for big fights. Rations will help you to get some buff in accuracy, reduction in stamina cost, higher reload speed, boost in health regen speed, damage resistance and lot more. You will be gathering a ton of crafting materials and use them in this section to craft. You can increase your chance of auto-detecting plants and herbs by unlocking skill Resource Detection under Recon.

Eating & Drinking: Eating can offer you +40% Injury Resistance (60 Minutes) and Water can offer you +80% Fatigue Resistance (60 Minutes) under Preparation Menu. You can also increase your Drone speed by 40% in the Tech Review section of Bivouac. Stamina can offer +20% stamina and you can add +20 accuracy under Tech Review. The resources section offers you a +10% bonus, these figures will change as you progress ahead. Bivouac also unlocks Crafting where you can craft consumables like recipes, rations, or syringes and explosives.


With good gears, it is tough for enemies to take you down in one shot, unless you are dealing with the Wolves, always watch out for a good cover. Use the drone that you will unlock soon after visiting the shop in Camp Erewhon. Mark the enemies and then plan out your attack. Injuries will make you slow at the start, so crafting a bit of syringe and keeping them in the pocket is good. Also if you plan on a bigger group visit the Bivouac first hydrate and eat something. You will have a 60min temporary boost.

Where to find Medkits:

Medkits can be located easily in houses and buildings, sometimes near crashed chopper or drop. You can get syringes for free in it. Watch our Breakpoint tips to restore Health video to understand the basic locations to find medkits.

What To Do at Bivouac & Why it is important to unlock first:

Bivouac is a fast travel point, as well as your space to camp. It will unlock six types of buffs that you can use it on any Bivouac, it also offers you ride like a chopper or an armored vehicle or just a bike. So when I started playing after visiting Camp Erewhon I unlocked the first one and then the next thing I did is activated all Bivouac shelters in my route. It will give you access to Shop, Crafting, Tactics adjustment and lot more. They are very easy to find, just follow the smoke signal and use a chopper to avoid guards in your path. Checkout the video below.