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How To Unlock Fast Travel In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Travel instantly from one location to another

Unlocking Fast Travel Points are highly important in Ghost Recon Breakpoint because you are in a lethal territory. There are drone surveillance, guards everywhere, so if you are playing the campaign then Fast Travel will help you to instantly travel from one location another avoiding all the enemies in your route. Also the Fast Travel point act as a permanent camp to unlock crafting, restore health, get temporary buffs and lot more.

How To Unlock Fast Travel Points


Follow the smoke on Auroa island, the smoke touches the sky and is almost visible. The fastest way to reach is by using a chopper, just land nearby and interact with the shelter to set up a Bivouac. This place allows you to do a lot of things and act as your temporary refuge. You cannot setup the camp if enemies are nearby, kill them first.

Just reach the smoke point and interact to unlock fast travel in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. From the map, you have to select the tiny tent icon to travel to that place. Do not forget to set a ride in the Garage. Or else there will be nothing when you reach the point.  You can assign a chopper, bike, or four-wheeler as the default team-rider whenever you land to the Fast Travel location.


Bivouac is more than a fast travel point or a resting place. It is your bench to craft items, restore health or get temporary buff like low stamina for an hour. Bivouac also gives you access to shop from where you can trade out new items.

Bivouac has five primary menus, Preparations, Tactics, Craft, Shop and Garage. Each has its own features, through Preparation you can eat some food or drink water to get temporary buffs like +40% Injury Resistance for an hour. Through the Tech and Weapon Review section, you add a little more power to your existing loadp-outs. You can watch more on that in the video below.