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How To Upgrade Weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Better Weapons Better Killings

Upgrading Weapons in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a core aspect of this battle game where better weapons mean easy killings. Auroa island, your battle region is a isolated imprisoned land control by a group of highly advanced soldiers. They have bots, drones, armored vehicles, etc, so upgrading weapon is the first thing you have to do side by side along with unlocking new skills in Breakpoint. In this Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide I will share some important tips on how to upgrade weapons, find attachments and use Gunsmith.

How To Upgrade Weapons


From the game menu go to the Load-outs section, this is where you will find all the attributes of your characters. It includes Primary weapons, Secondary Weapon, Side-arm, Perk Slots, Inventory, and Gears. One of the example Breakpoint screenshot is below.


Move the cursor to the weapon and there will be a pop-up menu with Edit in Gunsmith key. For PS4 it is Square, press that and access the Gunsmith Menu. Here you can change Weapon Attachments, unlock Passing Bonus and verify weapon stats. It is extremely simple to upgrade Weapons in Breakpoint, the menu is pretty straightforward with few things to do.


Unlocking skill is also important along with upgrading weapons, the loadout section offers you three perks slots where you can add these skills. Some of them are highly effective during the battle. To know more details on the skills, you can check out our guide Breakpoint all skills info and cost.