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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Class Guide – Medic vs Assault vs Panther vs Sharpshooter

Who is the Best?

Choosing the right class and then unlock specific skills will make your character almost invincible in Ghost Recon Breakpoint in combination with the perfect gear. Breakpoint has four classes and 60+ skills arranged under different classes and tactics. In this Breakpoint Classes and Skills guide, I will give you details on all four classes, their core gameplay, and skills that you can unlock with Skill Points. Skill points are rewarded when you Level up by earning XP after killing enemies. So in order to get enough number of skills you have to kill many. There are three perk slots, that allows you to add three unlocked skills during gameplay, I will recommend you to focus on XP gains and health more. But you are free to choose below is Breakpoint Classes guide, if you are confused about which class to choose then read below and next is the list of all skills, and what they do.

Breakpoint – All Four Classes Guide?


There are four classes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Field Medic, Assault, Panther, and Sharpshooter. These are specializations, depending on what type of game strategy you plan you can pick on. To unlock the skill tree you have to pick one of the four classes and it totally depends on your playstyle, however, it is wrong to say that one specific class is best, I found all them balanced well as per the requirements. Read the class proficiencies to know more about the best thing about each class in Breakpoint.

Field Medic Class Guide:

Field Medic Class Technique features a Healing Drone that can help and revive nearby friendly teammates. Medkit is the class-item players of this category carries where they can deploy it that can heal injuries and offer extra health. Press L1+R1 to deploy a drone that will heal fallen allies.


Class Proficiencies:

  • Faster Revive – First AID
  • Carry Bodies Faster – Pallbearer
  • Can Self-Revive – Phoenix
  • Unlock Cost – 1 Skill Point.

Assault Class Guide:


I first thought to go with Assault class for two reasons, first Extra Health and second I get a bonus after killing enemies with Assault Rifles. But later shifted to Sharpshooter. Assault Class Technique in Breakpoint focus on recoil reduction and damage resistance. Gass Grenade is the class item that can cause damage over time to enemies in the radius. I had seen leveling up is fast when you play as Assault because you are on the battleground and there is a chance to kill more enemies to collect XP that further Level ups and unlock Skill points. Press L1+R1 to enable True Grit, it reduces recoil and makes you damage resistance for a short time. Also killing will heal you.

Class Proficiencies:

  • Extra Health – Resilence
  • Bonuses with Assault Rifles and Shotguns – Assault Proficiency
  • Unlock Cost – 1 Skill Point.


Panther Class Guide:

Panther Class in Breakpoint features Cloak and Run. A tactic where you can attack staying hidden, more strategic and time-consuming yet highly effective on the battleground. If you are among those players who love to shoot in cover then this class is built for you. Cloaking Spray is the unique class item that can make you invisible in the eyes of Drones. Panther is the best class for stealth lovers. Press L1+R1 to enable Cloak and Run, deploy a smokescreen and just disappear for a while.

Class Proficiencies:

  • Bonus Stealth – In the Shadows
  • Faster movement Speed – Swift Steps
  • Suppressor on Handguns and Submachine guns do not reduce damage – Silent Death
  • Unlock Cost – 1 Skill Point.

Sharpshooter Class Guide:

I practically felt connected with Sharpshooter because here accuracy is everything. And if you are good enough with your controller then sniping headshot comes with a bonus. Sharpshooter class has an exclusive gadget, a Sensor Launcher. This unique device is really amazing to use, all you need is pull out the gun and shoot a device near the enemy. It will scan and mark each and everyone in the area. No need to use a drone and range to mark enemies is high. Watch the clip below that shows how Sensor Launcher Works. Sharpshooter can also use High-penetration bullet (Armor Buster) that can destroy bots and armored vehicles. Just press L1 + R1 to execute the technique.

Class Proficiencies:

  • Longer breath control while aiming – Deep Lungs
  • Bonuses with Sniper rifles and DMR – Long Range Proficiency.

So these are the four classes you can pick from one, my favorite is Sharpshooter because of its range and ability to stay out of trouble. Fast pace gamers can pick the Assault who loves to barge into group of guards. Field Medic is ideal support, in a group of four there has to be one Medic and finally the Panther, a pro silent killer. Practically speaking it is not possible to rate the class one above another because of their unique traits and the good thing here is you can still unlock other class related skills and equip them in the Perk slot. The next thing to check on is the Breakpoint Skills Tree, these are some additional powers you get in Breakpoint and highly essential against drones and tougher enemies. Also, you will have 3 Perks Slots in Breakpoint they will be locked at the beginning, you can unlock them through the Breakpoint skill tree.