How To Get Essence In Ghost Of Tsushima Legends (Currency)

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Currency of Essence explained. Find out what it does, how to get more Essence & how to use it to upgrade character.

There’s a Ghost of Tsushima Legends currency and that is Essence. You will be able to see it in the form of a fiery icon at the top right section in the menu. Many players are curious to know how it works and how to get Essence in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Look no further because this guide will explain everything you need to know about earning Essence.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Currency: How to Earn Essence


To get more Essence in Ghost of Tsushima Legends, you need to keep playing the game and completing the activities. It could be anything – quickplay missions, daily or weekly challenges. With Essence, you can unlock perks as well as expand skill trees. Hence, they are a pretty important resource. That is not all, you also need it to unlock new classes. Moreover, Essence plays a role in reforging gear.

You will need a lot of Essence for upgrading your character so keep playing and earning it as you go. Remember that you can become more powerful with it so spend it wisely. With perks you can unlock more classes, while with reforged weapons, you become stronger and more damaging.

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With this free new update of Ghost of Tsushima, players get a lot of interesting content like the multiplayer mode, new story and survival missions, new classes and much more. Players of this game have many more hours of gameplay ahead even after beating the base game and that’s amazing.

This is all about the Ghost of Tsushima Legends currency of Essence, what does it do and how to get more of it. While you are here, don’t miss our other Ghost of Tsushima Legends guides that will help you through this adventure.