How To Get Vanish Cap In Super Mario 64

Get Vanish Cap and become translucent in the game.

Super Mario 3D All Stars has finally released and the fans can now get hands on the new and update versions of Super Mario game series’ original releases. One of the games from the collection, Super Mario 64 is all set to bring back its classic range of powerups. Vanish Cap is one such powerup that can be really useful in the game. It can come in handy, especially if you want to traverse through walls and enemies. The Vanish Cap makes Super Mario semi-transparent for 20 seconds allowing him to traverse quickly through various objects in the way. If you don’t know how to get Vanish Cap in Super Mario, follow this guide to learn just that.

Super Mario: How to Get The Vanish Cap

Firstly, you will need to unlock the Vanish Cap in order to equip it later on in other stages. To unlock the Vanish Cap, you will have to drain a moat surrounding Peach’s Castle. Draining moat requires access to the basement of the castle. This would sound confusing, so let’s clear the confusion with an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

  1. Defeat Bowser in the Dark World. This will grant a special key, which will give access to the basement of the Peach’s Castle.
  2. Find a wooden door in the basement and enter it.
  3. Enter the pool and start swimming by following the arrows displayed on the scene.
  4. Ground pound the two pillars in the room. Pounding the pillars will drain the moat around the castle.
  5. Find a small square-shaped hole in the drained moat and fall in it. This will begin the Vanish Cap Switch Course, and you will get a cap as soon as you land into the level.
  6. Find a huge blue switch to finish the course and unlock the Vanish Cap.

Follwing these steps will help you eaily unlock the Vanish Cap in Super Mario 64. You will then be able to use Vanish Cap whenever you find a blue switch during any other stages.

Now you know how to get Vanish Cap in Super Mario 64 3D All Stars. All that’s left to do now is kick start your adventure with the cap on Super Mario. You can also learn how to long jump and backwards long jump in Super Mario 64, if you want to make your journey a lot easier.