How To Get Bream In Stardew Valley (Fishing Location)

Reel the fish Bream in Stardew Valley to complete quests, a bundle, requests, and cook recipes.

Bream in Stardew Valley is a fairly common fish required for several quests, recipes, and a bundle. You can catch it at a specific time of the day in certain parts of the valley very early in the game. It can be purchased from one vendor and randomly appears at other locations where fishing is not needed.

Additionally, it can be sold and consumed like other fish, so you can use them when you are short on cash. With that said, let’s not wait any longer and reel the rod to capture this multipurpose fish of SDV.

Stardew Valley Bream Location and Spawn Time

Stardew Valley Bream Location and Spawn Time
Catch the Bream from the river after 6 pm in SDV (Image Credit: Waifu Simulator 27 on YouTube)

Bream is a Nocturnal fish that only appears from 6 pm to 2 am in the Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest River in all seasons. If you are using Magic Bait, there are no time restrictions. You can lure it using any kind of bait, including standard, however, to speed up the process, it is best to use Deluxe Bait. If you stay out till 2 am, your character will doze off and might lose some valuables from the inventory. Due to this, you should either use faster bait or set the Tent near the fishing spot.

Apart from the fishing, you can purchase this fish from the Traveling Cart for 135–1,000g. The cart is set up at the Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Sundays and has a rotating stock. It will stay open until 8 pm. During Winter 15 to 17, it also appears in the Night Market. Alternatively, you can check the Garbage Cans to randomly find it in them.

Recipes to Use Bream in SDV

There are a bunch of recipes where you can use this fish to craft an item or prepare a consumable dish, such as:

  • Baked Fish
  • Maki Rolls
  • Quality Fertilizer
  • Sashimi

Aside from the recipes, you need it for the Night Fishing Bundle and can be used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to craft a dyeable Fish Shirt.

Stardew Valley Quests That Require Bream

Since Bream can be caught in all seasons, you will occasionally find its request in the Help Wanted board. Completing those quests will give you 135g and 150 Friendship points. Dorado, Lingcod, or Pike might demand two Bream during the Fish Pond quest, which increases the capacity of the pond from 3 to 5.

With this, we wrap up how to get Bream in Stardew Valley. If you are looking for more fishing guides, you should check our SDV section. There are topics like Pufferfish and Sandfish.