How To Unlock Shiny Hoverboards In Pet Simulator 99

Wondering how to get Shiny Hoverboards in Pet Simulator 99? Get them through this way and travel faster.

Before unlocking Teleport, Hoverboards are the best way to travel to the last purchased area. You can take the tunnels, but since boards unlock at Rank 2, it is better to ride and use them there. While there are many different rarities and styles of boards in PS99, all have the same speed. The exception is Shiny Hoverboards in Pet Simulator 99.

Those are the rarest ones you will not get from quests, achievements, and events like regular boards. So far, there is only one way to get it in the game that is not fixed. Still, something is better than nothing, so here’s everything you need to do for it.

Where Are Shiny Hoverboards and How to Get Them in Pet Simulator 99

Shiny Hoverboards in Pet Simulator 99
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While purchasing an Exclusive Board from the Exclusive Shop, there is a 10% chance it would be Shiny. The offer is available for a limited time, so if you don’t grab it now, you might not get this opportunity anytime soon. Since the drop rate is low, you might have to spend thousands of Robux, which is both worth it and isn’t. If you don’t mind using the amount, it is nothing, but if you do, it is better to advance stages and unlock the Teleport through Rebirth instead.

The Shiny Hoverboards are 35% faster than the regular boards. At the time of writing, they have three Exclusive variants: Toilet, Rocket, and Hologram Hoverboard. Rocket is the most expensive, sold for 1200 Robux. Then comes the Toilet, which costs 400 Robux, and lastly, the Hologram can be bought for 200 Robux.

To find the Exclusive Shop, first go into the Pets option, placed at the bottom center. Right below this Inventory window is the red basket icon, which is for the shop. Once you are inside, scroll until you find the Exclusive Boards section. Now, purchase those and other items from the store.

That’s all about how to get Shiny Hoverboards in Pet Simulator 99. Since you find PS99 interesting, you should check our dedicated section to find out how to make Enchantment Loadout and unlock The Hunt Badge.