How To Rebirth In Pet Simulator 99

Here’s everything you need to know about one of Roblox Games’ most common features, Rebirth, in Pet Simulator 99.

Rebirthing is one of the most common features appearing in Roblox Games. The benefit of performing a Rebirth is that it provides you with a reward or a permanent upgrade. But there is a catch. It resets all your stats and everything else that you have unlocked in-game (like currency). In a game like Pet Simulator 99 where having strong Pets is a must, this Rebirth feature can serve greatly.

Since many of you might be unaware of how it works, we are here to explain it. So if are interested in learning about how to Rebirth in Pet Sim 99, this is the perfect place to start.

Here’s How to Rebirth in Pet Simulator 99

How to Rebirth in Pet Simulator 99

First of all, make sure that you have unlocked Area 25 (Tiki) because that is where you can perform your first Rebirth. In Area 25, you will find a giant golden cat statue. Go to that statue and press E and click on the green ‘Rebirth’ button on the screen. Once you do so, all of your coins and unlocked biomes will be lost. However, you will also get the following rewards from it:

  • Teleport (Portable Cannon)
  • Increased pet strength (75%)
  • Castle Key
  • 10,000 diamonds

While this was about your first Rebirth, you will get different rewards the second time. Speaking of it, you can Rebirth again after reaching Area 50 in Pet Sim 99. During this time, you will get the following items:

  • Clans
  • Auto Hatch
  • Increased pet strength (75%)
  • Huge Pets can be hatched (Only applicable to Egg 76 as of Update 2)
  • 25,000 diamonds

One important thing to note here is that once you have exhausted your Rebirth in Area 25 and Area 50, you won’t be able to use it again. You will have to wait until further areas are introduced in the game. Lastly, thanks to Pet Simulator Fandom for providing us with all the information.

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