How To Unlock Tunnel Doors In Pet Simulator 99

Here is how to unlock all the secret tunnels of the Pet Simulator 99.

Pet Simulator 99 has many secrets, like the hidden code of Preston and the end of Stairway to Heaven. Fortunately, tunnel doors are not one of them; it is pretty simple to remove chains and locks from them. Once you do that, it can be used anytime, making traveling faster for those who don’t have the teleport feature. Not sure how you can do that? Here is all you need.

What Are Tunnels and How to Unlock Them in Pet Simulator 99?

Unlock Tunnel Doors In Pet Simulator 99
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Tunnels connect one area to another throughout the map. Once you have unlocked both sides of the zones, the door will automatically open, and you will be able to use them.

There are over 60 zones in the game, so every time you need to reach the spawn area for hatching, you have to run back, which is quite time-consuming. Even when you want to use machines like Golden and Potion, you go through the same hassle. This all makes unlocking them crucial for the players.

The first one you find is in zone 2, and it is connected to zone 9. To get to that area faster, I would suggest you increase your number of pets. The Equip More Pets machine is in the 4th area, Green Forest, so save some Gems and get the upgrade from it. When you have more pets, you will be able to destroy the breakables in less time.

PS99 Shortcut Tunnels List

  • Colorful Forest (Area 2) – Misty Falls (Area 9)
  • Farm (Area 7) – Mushroom Field (Area 14)
  • Crimson Forest (Area 16) – Palm Beach (Area 24)
  • Shipwreck (Area 22) – Fossil Digsite (Area 30)
  • Pirate Cove (Area 26) – Safari (Area 35)
  • Wild West (Area 33) – Ski Town (Area 40)
  • Snow Village (Area 37) – Obsidian Cave (Area 44)

Hopefully, this guide on how to unlock tunnels in Pet Simulator 99 was useful for you. If it was, then you should check out our PS99 section.