Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret Code

Looking for Preston’s Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99? Here is all we know about it.

Went inside the newly unlocked cave of the Safari to see what was on the other side but found a hidden NPC? Preston is residing within the cave in Preston’s Shop and as you interact with him, a new window pops up and you are prompted to type a Super Secret Code – it looks like the only way to access this shop.

Preston’s Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99

Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99
Image Credit: PHMittens on YouTube

Unfortunately, the Super Secret Code is still a secret for now. Some players claim that they found and used the code to get Preston’s Hoverboard, while others say they obtained a Rare pet with it. So far none of the codes we found worked there, but we are still on the hunt for it. We will add the Super Secret code as soon as we get it.

There are two types of codes circulating in the Roblox community: number and number+words. We also found some riddles that claimed the code is four digits you get from different zones. Some are assuming that you get it after purchasing a super expensive Robux item, but that doesn’t seem to work.

It is possible that this Super Secret Code is not the same for everyone and some claims were actually true.

One of the most interesting theories going around in the community is that the secret code is somehow connected to the top of Stairway to Heaven. However, there is no sufficient proof for it, as players haven’t been able to reach the top for numerous reasons like getting thrown out of the game after hours or climbing.

That’s everything known about the Preston Super Secret code in Pet Simulator 99. If you’re curious to know how to transfer pets from Pet Sim X to Sim 99, here are the steps you need to follow.