Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Shark Fin Farming Guide

Another useful upgrading material to improve your weapons in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is Shark Fin. It won’t be easy to farm but our guide with help you with the basics of it.

In Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, players will often find weapon-upgrading materials like Ethereal Egesta, Squid Tentacles, and more. While some of these items are easy to farm, the rest can be pretty difficult. One such item that players are finding tough to get is Shark Fin in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. If you have progressed far enough in the game, you can find this item soon enough once we point you in the correct direction.

Shark Fin is incredibly tough to farm and is a late-game item. If you are still early on in the game, you can go for Rainbow Geodes instead to upgrade your weapons. However, if you have leveled up significantly and go for this item, our guide has everything you will need.

Where to Find Shark Fin in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Where to Find Shark Fin in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
Image Source: Steam

Shark Fin in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth can be purchased from the Robot at the Hawaiian Haunt labyrinth entrance. It will cost players 15000 Robo Discs for each Shark Fin that they want to purchase. Farming Robo Discs on these floors is pretty difficult since tough enemies are waiting for you at every turn.

Players can farm Robo Discs on every floor in the Hawaiian Haunt labyrinth. However, collecting 15000 Robo Discs for every Shark Fin is going to be tedious. Luckily, you can get Shark Fin later on in the game at The Recycling Center on Aloha Beach for a cost of 1,000 points. Players can get high-star weapons that will be useful in such labyrinths since enemies are bound to be tougher.

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