Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth: How To Get Beautiful Seashells

Beautiful Seashells are essential materials to create weapons in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and obtaining them might just be difficult. Here’s where to look and get your hands on them.

Crafting and Upgrading weapons in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth requires you to collect a wide range of materials suitable for the weapons which – spoiler alert – are not the easiest to grab sometimes, especially if you don’t know where to look for them. Beautiful Seashells are such materials that you might need to create some of the weapons in the game. And similar to other items, these seashells too are hard to come by despite the fact that you are roaming around beach-filled areas.

With that being said, if you are looking for a more definite method to get your hands on some Beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, then you might want to get on with some dungeon crawling. However, sometimes you might even stumble upon them while facing some of the higher level enemies in the game. So if you are wondering where to find the seashells to create a weapon, then here is everything you need to know.

Where to Find Beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Where To Find Beautiful Seashells In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth
Grind Through The First Dungeon For Beautiful Seashells (Image Source: Steam)

Here are the methods through which you can get your hands on beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth:

Defeating Enemies & Bosses

The very first method through which you can obtain some seashells is by defeating enemies and high-level bosses in the game. While enemies dropping them are quite rare early on in the game, you might just get lucky and acquire them easily. That said, it might not be your best bet to farm the material and use it to create weapons in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Completing Labyrinth

The best bet for players to get their hands on the Beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is to go dungeon crawling. However, you won’t unlock the first labyrinth named Hawaiian Haunt in Honolulu till you reach chapter 5 in the game.

These dungeons also known as labyrinth consists of different enemies and bosses that you will need to clear. It is one of the excellent ways of grinding through the game and also getting your hands on some crafting and upgrading materials.

The Hawaiian Haunt consists of Robo Disks that you will be able to get your hands on as you clear out all the floors in the dungeon. These disks can be exchanged for rewards from Robo Michio on Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. You will be able to purchase a Beautiful Seashell for around 500 Robo Disks. Players will need to first grind their way through the dungeon a couple of times to obtain those disks in plenty.

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