How To Get Ethereal Egesta In Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Upgrading weapons is a necessity in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and special items can help you get the best level ups on your equipment. Here’s a guide that will help you find Ethereal Egesta in the game.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth has numerous instances where players will have to fight their way out and that would require some of the best weapons. However, if you want the best upgrades, you will need special items that enhance certain weapons better. One such item is the Ethereal Egesta in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth which can be extremely difficult to farm.

According to the game’s description, “One must plumb the darkest depths of society to discover this mysterious excretion. Can be used to create weapons.” Players can find Ethereal Egesta in one of the most unexpected places which is why most players have found it difficult to get this item.

Where to Find Ethereal Egesta in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Where to Find Ethereal Egesta in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
Image Source: Steam

To find Ethereal Egesta in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, players need to head to the first floor of the Revolve Bar. Head towards the staircase that leads up to Ichiban’s Pad but instead of going up, head inside the bathroom. Now, go towards the toilet and you will get the prompt to get the item out. Along with that, you will get a trophy for getting it out.

Players can also head to dungeons to try and farm Ethereal Egesta. Some players have managed to farm this item in the Yokohama Underground and Hawaiian Haunt dungeon. It is an important crafting item that will help you make useful weapons. Once you progress further in the game, you will need these weapons for combat since it is bound to get difficult.

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