How To Unlock All Jobs In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

There are numerous jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth that are character-specific or other wise. Since they bring out a whole different experience in this RPG, players might want to learn how to unlock them. Our guide here has all you will need in order to do so.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth offers players numerous gameplay activities in this RPG which will allow them to utilize their skills and abilities. However, one of the most vital parts is to unlock all Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth jobs available that they can get to upscale their abilities. There are numerous jobs in the game that bring it out to life and apart from a few character-specific ones, players can learn and get them all.

In Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, playable characters can take classes (basically jobs). With these jobs, heroes can specialize in certain playstyles and form the best team comp necessary to survive. Although jobs are plenty, players will first have to unlock the option to get jobs in the game after which they can upgrade their skills and abilities. While it sounds easier said than done, it is an integral part of the game and players can use this guide to do so.

How to Unlock All Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Jobs

Go to Alo Happy Tours to Change Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Jobs
Change Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth jobs when you reach Alo Happy Tours. (Image via Gamers Heroes on YT)

Players can unlock the Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth jobs system in Chapter 5, Substory 31, called “Let’s Get Alo-Happy”. When players visit the Alo-Happy tourism center in one of its three locations in Honolulu, the Anaconda shopping complex, the Waikiki Street branch, and one near Honolulu’s big, Persona 3-like Labyrinth they will unlock the jobs system.

After that, they can start gathering classes to enhance their abilities and optimize their characters. The accumulation and upgrading of skills will allow better combat and gameplay.

How to Change Jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Each job has different requirements so it won’t entirely be easy to learn and change them in the game. Including character-specific jobs, However, if you are inclined to do so, visit the Alo-Happy Job Center in Honolulu, Kamurocho, or Yokohama, once you get back to Japan. You will need to pay a fee for a training activity and meet the correct personality requirements. Once all these are fulfilled, players will be able to change and learn new jobs in the game.

If you want to equip a job to a certain character that you have already learned, you will have to head to one of the Alo-Happy Tours or Alo-Happy Rooms and make your way inside. You can find a room specifically to Change Jobs where you can do so if you have them unlocked.

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