Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Squid Tentacles Farming Guide

Upgrade materials are one of the best ways to craft better weapons in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. If you are looking for Squid Tentacles, this guide will show you how to get them.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth is an RPG that involves a lot of combat and for that, you would need your weapons to be in the best condition. However, if they are not, you can always find special items to upgrade them or craft entirely new weapons that will be stronger and help you take down enemies. One such item is Squid Tentacles in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and many players are looking to farm this item.

Just like the Ethereal Egesta, players will have a hard time getting the Squid Tentacles. Since they are special items, it’s obvious that they won’t come easy. With that in mind, players can check out everything they need to get this item right here.

Where to Find Squid Tentacles in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Where to Find Squid Tentacles in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
Image Source: Steam

Players will need to reach Chapter 10 before they can find Squid Tentacles in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. Once you reach Chapter 10, head to Yokohama Underground and you can trade Squid Tentacles for 18000 Geomijul Survey Data from a host there. The cost is extensively high and players will have to make numerous run-ins to be able to gather this number of Geomijul Survey Data. Of course, for such runs, players will have to keep their best gear in hand.

Later on in the game, players can get the Squid Tentacles at The Recycling Center on Aloha Beach and they will cost only 1,000 points. That can easily be collected by picking the garbage up and down the street. Way easier than the Geomijul Survey Data that you would have to gather. Players can then head to Julie’s Gearworks to craft some amazing weapons once they have the Squid Tentacles.

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