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How To Get Your Own Pets In Palia

Check out this guide on how you can unlock and get your own pets in Palia.

With its first and latest patch 0.166 update pets have been introduced for players around the world along with some interesting hotfixes in Palia. Although the hotfixes address some immediate concerns, it’s safe to say that all the Palians are looking forward to the inclusion of the adorable felines. There are no gameplay effects these pets will bring to the table but they will act as your companion throughout their cozy simulation through the world of Palia. And while the game was missing this feature at the start of the beta, players will finally be able to interact with these felines. As pets are a quite new addition to the vast world of Palia, here is a guide on how you can get them in the game.

How to Get Pets in Palia

how to get palcats in palia

Players can get their hands on four Palcats as Pets in Palia. To obtain them, players will have to purchase Palia Coins with real-time money from the premium store. You can press M on your keyboard and select the store option from the top right. Unfortunately, the Palcats are available as a bonus to the purchase and are behind a paywall in the game. For now, there aren’t any objectives or missions to complete and get yourself a pet. Here are all the Palcats you can adopt as bonuses on your purchase:

  • Sandy Palcat
  • Nocturnal Palcat
  • Island Palcat
  • Snowy Palcat

Players can get the Sandy Palcat as a pet by purchasing any Palia Coins from the premium store. The remaining three Palcats which include Nocturnal, Snowy & Island can only be obtained by purchasing about 3000 coins. You will unlock all the pets including the Sandy Palcat while purchasing the latter amount of coins. We recommend that you purchase according to what you want as the pets won’t affect your gameplay. It is worth keeping in mind, that if you have already made a Palia Coin purchase even before the update you will still get the pets. And it does not matter whether or not you have spent them in the game.

Once you obtain the pets, you can summon or dismiss them by pressing the Y key on your keyboard. This will open the Collection Menu where you can equip them according to your choice in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to get pets in Palia. If you find this guide useful, check out our guides on how to get glow worms and how to change clothes in Palia, right here on Gamer Tweak.