How To Get Pelt In Ark Survival Ascended

Collect Pelt in Ark Survival Ascended to craft weapons and other useful items.

Crafting Lance, but low on Pelt? Here is how you can get more Pelt in Ark Survival Ascended. ASA takes you to the Mesozoic period and lets you experience the vast world filled with the creatures of the past. You are free to create the future as you want, let your race rule the period of dinosaurs by taming, hunting, surviving, and flourishing there. There are plenty of resources found in abundance, so you’ll never be short of the material till you keep referring to our ASA guides and collecting the resources as the need comes.

Tackling different weather conditions, climates, necessities, and dangers of these creatures, yet not only surviving but ruling over them is the goal we have. And that means we’ll have to be ready for everything that is thrown in our way, no matter the harsh weather or the deadly foe. So collect the different materials and forge weapons to defend and defeat.

How to Obtain Pelt in Ark Survival Ascended ASA

How to Obtain Pelt in Ark Survival Ascended ASA
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Pelt is mostly obtained from the wooly creatures of the cold region. You can either kill creatures to get the material as a drop or search the dead creatures to get them. You’ll find the cold region in the northwestern part of The Island. There you encounter creatures that not only give Pelt, but other items like Raw Meat, Raw Mutton, Keratin, and Hide. Spawn at the Blue Obelisk and search the region to find and hunt such creatures.

If your base camp is near the Great Hill or Writhing Swamps, you can also search these areas. They have some creatures that give you a Pelt. Though not as many as the cold part, there is still more than sufficient prey to gather material for crafting weapons like Lance.

That’s all on how to get Pelt in Ark Survival Ascended. As you progress, you’ll find the need to collect other basic and rare materials of the game. Our ASA guides can help you look for them, we have covered topics like where to find Flint, how to get Chitin and Obsidian, and more you can explore our list to find.

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