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Stranded Deep: How To Get Palm Fronds

Here is how you can get and use Palm Fronds in Stranded Deep.

One of the many resources in Stranded Deep that players can’t get their hands on are Palm Fronds. These are also known as Palm Leaves, that you can get from Palm trees. But if you cut down a tree you don’t directly get this resource. And that confuses many people on where to get this resource from. So in this guide check out how to Get Palm Fronds in Stranded Deep.


How to Get Palm Fronds in Stranded Deep

how to get palm fronds in stranded deep
Image Credit: Paallikko on YouTube

You can get Palm Fronds by cutting a Palm which you can obtain from a Palm Tree. This is one of the resources in the game that are only available in limited numbers. And once you use up all of it you will have to get them from surrounding islands. So here is how you can get Palm leaves in Stranded Deep:

  1. Explore the island around and look for Palm Trees.
  2. Chop down any Palm Trees you come across.
  3. Next, cut the top section of the Tree known as Palm.
  4. You will get Palm Fronds or Leaves from these Palms.

Here is what you can use these leaves for:

How to Use Palm Leaves in Stranded Deep

You can use Palm Fronds to craft the following Structures in the game:

  • Shelter: Use it to sleep at night and most importantly for saving the game.
    • Palm Fronds: 4
    • Sticks: 3
    • Lashing: 1
  • Water Still: Use it to get Drinking water. I suggest you check our detailed guide on how to use Water Still to learn more about it.
    • Coconut Flask: 1
    • Palm Frond: 1
    • Lashing: 1
    • Cloth: 1
    • Rocks: 3

Aside from the above structures Palm Fronds also have one more use. You can use it as fuel to burn Campfires. Don’t worry if you run out of it you can still use Fibrous Leaves or Wood sticks for the same.

That covers this guide on how to get Palm Fronds in Stranded Deep and how to use these Leaves. If you like playing this game, then you might also find these topics interesting on how to get clay, regenerate health, and the best mods for this game.