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Best Stranded Deep Mods You Must Try Out

Here are the best Stranded Deep Mods that will give you new features, options, visuals and more.

Want to know if you would survive in an island packed with life-threatening scenarios? Then Stranded Deep will totally give you that experience. But what if you want to take things to another level? Then here are the Best Stranded Deep Mods that will help you get that. With these mods, you will get some new features, options, music and custom maps to explore. Of course, when you add mods to a game, it changes the game files so do it at your own risk. Make sure to back up your save files just to be safe. Also note that some mods may not work with other mods. So, here are the top best Stranded Deep Mods that you can check out to have the best survival adventure.

Top Best Stranded Deep Mods


  1. Big Islands Mod
  2. Double Stack Size in Inventory
  3. Long Day Night Cycle
  4. Non Swimmer Mod
  5. Jaws Music Mod
  6. Harmless Sharks and Snakes
  7. Starlight

Big Islands Mod – Best Stranded Deep Mods

With the Big Islands Mod, you will get a lot of options for resource spawns, size of the islands, weather and also get a god mode. This is the best Stranded Deep Mod that will give you everything that you are looking for including more freedom to explore the islands.



Double Stack Size in Inventory

While playing, you may be wondering how to get more inventory space? Then this mod will come to your rescue. The Double Stack Size does exactly what it says – you will be able to carry more stuff with you and hence collect more loot.


Long Day Night Cycle

In the same Mod package of Double Stack Size, you will get the option to get a Long Day Night Cycle which can be installed separately as well. It will extend the cycle’s duration which will help you get more done.

Non Swimmer Mod


Want to make the survival challenge even more challenging? The Non Swimmer mod will make your character unable to swim which means you wont be able to enter the depths of water to collect resources. You can do some things where the water is shallow like spear fishing and even boating. But play the game like a non swimmer and see what problems you will have to face.


Jaws Music Mod

For fans of Jaws, this is a fun way to add the feeling of being in the movie itself. The Jaws Music Mod will bring the famous theme music to the game by replacing the shark music. This is how you can get more terrified during the shark attacks making survival even more fun.

Harmless Sharks and Snakes

Don’t want to have the hassle of dangerous sharks and snakes while playing? The Harmless Sharks and Snakes mod will help you out. With this, you can spend more time exploring the island without being worried about creature attacks.

Starlight – Best Stranded Deep Mods


If you are simply bored of trying to survive on the island and want to add another twist to the game, the Starlight mod is the one for you. This custom map will add an abandoned ship to the game which isn’t just for exploring, but also will give you a storyline. It will give you a mystery to unveil by checking out the ship thoroughly.

Apart from these Best Stranded Deep mods, there are lots of Stranded Deep Custom Islands where you will find some interesting maps. From having a deep jungle to a map with more verticality, there’s something for everyone. So if you want more custom maps, check out the World Editing section on Steam where you will find loads of them.

While you are here, check out the Stranded Deep Console Commands that will give you the cheat codes to even fly all around the map and be immune from damage.