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How To Get Nightmare Dungeons Diablo 4 (Sigils Explained)

Here's how to unlock Nightmare Sigils from the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4 to play the Nightmare Dungeons.

Nightmare Dungeons are the challenge that Diablo 4 players are always looking for and this guide will show you how to get Nightmare Sigils from the Tree of Whispers to unlock them. Although the game is challenging on its own, players often want to go through more difficult levels and experiences once they complete the campaign. So if you are one such player who wants to slash through more difficulties, then you have something amazing to do once you complete the campaign.

What are Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4?

Nightmare Dungeons are modified endgame dungeons in Diablo 4 that players can unlock after beating the campaign. These dungeons are packed with extra rewards and if you are playing on World Tier 3, you might even get Nightmare Sigils. Nightmare Dungeons are the best way to get rare Paragon Glyphs and level up your Paragon Board in Diablo IV.

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How to Unlock & Get Nightmare Sigils in D4

Diablo 4 Craft Nightmare Sigils

If you are looking to get Nightmare Sigils, you will have to complete Grim Favors (quests given by the Tree of Whispers) in Diablo 4. Players need to complete at least 10 Grim Favors to be eligible to get a Nightmare Sigil. To be more accurate, you will be given a cache upon completing 10 Grim Favors from the Tree of Whispers that contains some loot which may also include a Nightmare Sigil.

Apart from that, players can also get Nightmare Sigil from the Nightmare Dungeons or even craft them at the Occultist. The Occultist can be found in the northern part of Kyovashad and also in other major hubs. You can easily identify them with the triangle icon denoted on the map. Once you are there, you will have to salvage some sigils to get Sigil Powder and then you can craft Nightmare Sigils.

How to Use Nightmare Sigils

Nightmare Sigils only have one use, and that is to unlock the Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4. Once players consume a particular sigil, they will be able to take part in the layout laid for that sigil.

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