How To Get Sigil Powder In Diablo 4

Where to get and farm Sigil powder in D4? Find out here.

Sigil Powder is one of the rarest Salvaged Materials in Diablo 4, so players are wondering how and where to get this item. This material is a part of the endgame content after you complete the main campaign. Once you reach World Tier 3, you can participate in the Nightmare Dungeons. Although they are hard to complete with formidable enemies, they contain some of the best loot in the game. Moreover, you’ll also get a chance to test your build against the toughest enemies the game can offer. However, to access these dungeons, you’ll need the Sigil Powder and we will tell you how to get it in D4.

How to Get Sigil Powder in Diablo 4

Get Sigil Powder at Occultist in Diablo IV
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To get Sigil Powder in D4, players must take a Nightmare Sigil of any tier and salvage it at the Occultist NPC. Once you salvage the Nightmare Sigil, you’ll get the powder as a crafting resource.

If you don’t have a Nightmare Sigil yet, here are the steps to get it:

  1. Complete the main campaign and the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon to unlock World Tier 3 Nightmare difficulty.
  2. Visit the Tree of Whispers and complete 10 Grim Favors to be eligible to receive a Nightmare Sigil.
  3. Now, you can use these Sigils to convert a base dungeon into a Nightmare Dungeon.

How to Use Sigil Powder in D4

Sigil Powder in Diablo 4 is used to craft new Nightmare Sigils. We understand this forms a loop so we will try to make it simple:

  1. Once you get a Nightmare Sigil, you can use it to enter Nightmare Dungeons.
  2. Inside these dungeons, you can defeat enemies to get more Nightmare Sigils as drops.
  3. Now these Sigils will open dungeons of a certain tier.
  4. To open Nightmare Dungeons of higher tiers, you can salvage these old Sigils at the Occultist to get Sigil Powder.
  5. Then, you can use this powder with a certain amount of gold to create Nightmare Sigils of higher tiers.

Nightmare Sigil Tiers and Required Materials

Nightmare Sigil recipes in D4
Image Source: RageGamingVideos on YouTube

Here are Nightmare Sigil tiers and their recipes:

  • Nightmare Sigil Level 1-5
    • 3 Sigil Powder
    • 4000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level  6-10
    • 6 Sigil Powder
    • 6000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level 11-15
    • 11 Sigil Powder
    • 8000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level 16-20
    • 20 Sigil Powder
    • 10000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level 21-25
    • 50 Sigil Powder
    • 13000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level 26-30
    • 80 Sigil Powder
    • 16000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level 31-35
    • 125 Sigil Powder
    • 19000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level 36-40
    • 190 Sigil Powder
    • 22000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level 41-50
    • 275 Sigil Powder
    • 26000 Gold
  • Nightmare Sigil Level 51-60
    • 350 Sigil Powder
    • 30000 Gold

Note that Nightmare Dungeons are tough but you can get amazing rewards like Sacred Items and more.

That’s all from us on how to get Sigil Powder in Diablo 4. We have more helpful guides like how to get Aspect of the Alpha for Druid builds and more in our D4 section.