Stardew Valley: How To Get Magic Bait

Get the Magic Bait in Stardew Valley and catch fish in all seasons and weather.

Magic Bait is one of the most desired items for fishing in Stardew Valley. The bait lets you catch fish in all kinds of weather and seasons. Even special fishes like Night Market Fish and Legendary Fish that require specific time and season can be caught with this at any point. Now there are a few ways of obtaining the Magic Bait in Stardew Valley, so read along and know how to get them.

How to Obtain Magic Bait in Stardew Valley

Get Magic Bait In Stardew Valley

There are primarily two ways of getting Magic Bait in Stardew Valley. The first method is to buy it directly from Qi’s Walnut Room, and the second way is to craft it using a recipe sold in the same shop. At the time of writing this guide Magic Bait costs 5 Qi Gems, and the recipe costs 20 Qi Gems. You can get Qi Gems by completing Walnut Room challenges, Four Precious Stones quest, Qi’s Crop quest, Let’s Play a Game challenge, and Qi’s Cuisine.

Purchase from Shop

Once you have obtained the Qi Gems using any of the above methods, go to the Walnut Room. This room is located in the west of Ginger Island and has a purple door.

  • Go to the vending machine in the right part of the room, it has the Qi Gems symbol on it.
  • You will get the list of items the machine has. Use the right scroll bar to choose the Magic Bait and purchase it.
  • Attach the bait to the Iridium Rod or Fiberglass Rod and start fishing.

How to Get Magic Bait Recipe in Stardew Valley

  • Go to the Walnut Room on the West of Ginger Island and enter the shop with a purple door.
  • On the right, you will see a vending machine with a Qi Gems symbol.
  • Get near the machine to see the list of its offers.
  • Scroll down using the right bar and purchase Magic Bait (Recipe) for 20 Qi Gems.

According to the recipe you require one Radioactive Ore and 3 Bug Meat to craft Magic Bait. Radioactive ore can be obtained from Radioactive Nodes that you get from Skull Cavern during the Skull Cavern Invasion quest. The second ingredient Bug Meat is a Monster Loot item you get from bugs like Mutant Fly, Cave Fly, and Grub.

Now that you have obtained Magic Bait, the best bait for fishing in Stardew Valley, you should look for fish using our fishing guides: How to get Pufferfish and location of Sandfish.