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V Rising Library Floor Guide

Wondering how to create a Library in V Rising? Check this out.

V Rising has a lot of structures that you need to develop as you progress in the game. Each structure has a different use, be it in creating new resources or storing farmed resources. The blueprints to build these structures are mostly dropped by defeating V-Blood bosses. To create library floor you need to unlock a few blueprints first. So let’s check out how we can create a Library Floor in V Rising.

How to Get a Library Floor in V Rising


Create Study in V Rising

To make a Library Floor in V Rising you need to unlock the blueprints of Study by defeating V-Blood boss Nicholaus The Fallen. Nicholaus can be found in the Forgotten Cemetery in the central north part of Farbane Woods.

You can even use your Blood Altar to track him. We recommend you have at least Level 37 or above when you take on this fight. Once you beat him he will drop the blueprints to create the Study and unlock Powers Pestilence and Ward of the Damned.


The blueprints to create the Study structure needs you to collect the following items –

Once you create the study you can use it to uncover new technologies and items. It will cost you 75 Scrolls per research.


However unlocking the Study does not guarantee you getting the Library Floor at once. Unlocking the Library Floor in the Study is a matter of luck since it is a RNG item. Click on Discover if you have 75 Scrolls and try your luck in getting the Library Floor.

What you can also do is farm for it’s recipe by taking down troops in Dunley Farmlands. Most of these troops carry scrolls on them and you might find the recipe for Library Floor.

  • You need x4 Blood Essence and x4 Planks to create a Library Floor.


That’s everything you will need to create a Library Floor in V Rising. While you are here, check out more guides, tips and tricks on V Rising with Gamer Tweak.