How To Get Blox Fruits Kitsune Mask

Looking for the Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits? Here is where to find and get it.

Like the Ribbon, the Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits is part of the Kitsune update event. This Legendary grade accessory has no negative effects, making it one of the most desirable items of the game, but you cannot buy it like the Fruit. Additionally, only players who have access to the Third Sea can get it. If you are not yet there, then use our linked guide. Once you reach the sea, here is all you must do to get the mask.

How to Get Accessory Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits

Get Accessory Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits
Image Credit: Kay Blox on YouTube

Kitsune Mask is an RNG item that you obtain by offering 20+ Azure Embers in Kitsune Shrine. The shrine appears on the full moon in Sea Danger Level 6.

  • To reach that part of the sea, you have to take a boat from the Tiki Outpost.
  • Pay attention to the compass to know if you are there.
  • Once you have reached the location, you need to wait for the night and full moon; this might take an hour or more.
  • When you see a notification: “A mysterious shrine has appeared in the sea…”, look for the shrine and enter it.
  • There you will see a statue with a glowing fox; it might be tied. By interacting with the statue, you will get the option: Touch Statue. Choose the option and the mini-game will start.
  • In the mini-game, you will get to collect the Azure Embers. They will spawn around you and then keep changing places every few seconds. You need to touch them for collecting, and for that, we would suggest you utilize Flash Step and Portal Fruit.
  • The maximum number of Azure Embers you can collect is 25, so once you do, go to the shrine statue and make the offering.
  • Now, since this is a gacha style, it might take several attempts to get the mask.

All Effects of the Kitsune Mask

  • Gives +10% Fruits Damage
  • +2 Instinct Dodges
  • +15% Passive regeneration on fruit meters.
  • +50% Enhanced vision in the Dark Sea.
  • +750 Health.

That’s all on how to get a Kitsune Mask in Blox Fruits. If this guide was useful to you, do check out our Blox Fruits section; we cover topics of accessories, fruits, weapons, and abilities right here on the Gamer Tweak.