How To Get Portal Fruit In Blox Fruits

Not sure how to get Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits? Here is all you can do to get it.

Tired of spawning at the set location and then finding your way to other places? Solve that issue by obtaining Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits. As the name suggests, this fruit will open a portal and let you travel through it. You can go to the Cafe, Docks, Raid, Dark Arena, Lab, Lava, and a bunch of other locations with one of its moves. The skill also allows other players to use the Portal outside of the safe zone. Making it easier for your allies to get to the Raid or boss location at once.

Apart from the World Warp move, this fruit offers several other unique skills, including short-range teleport and the creation of separate dimensions. Its abilities make it easier for you to reach the spawned Fruit when using the Fruit Notifier.

Where to Find and How to Get Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits

Where to Find and How to Get Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits
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  • Advanced Fruit Dealer: Advanced Fruit Dealer is found in Mirage Island.
  • Fruit Spawn: Use Fruit Notifier and find the free Devil Fruits that Spawn every hour.
  • Blox Fruits Dealer: It is a shop NPC you’ll find in Starter Island, Middle Town, Dressrosa Docks (Second Sea), Cafe (Second Sea), Port Town (Third Sea), and Mansion (Third Sea).
  • Raid: By completing Raids with the most damage you sometimes get Devil Fruits as a drop. Ship, Pirate, and Factory are the best Raids for obtaining such drops.

All Abilities of Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits

  • Portal Jump: You will move with great speed.
  • Portal Dash (Mastery 1): Sends enemies through multiple portals and then throws them to the ground.
  • Parallel Escape (Mastery 50): Enter a separate dimension for a few seconds and get near the enemy without being seen.
  • Quantum Leap (Mastery 100): Short-range teleport.
  • World Warp (Mastery 200): Long-range teleport.
  • Dimensional Rift (Mastery 300): Create and enter a separate dimension while dragging enemies around you in it. But it will drain your energy, so use it with caution.

With this, you can now find and get Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits to travel with ease. The game has many powerful and unique Devil Fruits, Weapons, and Fighting Style for players to unlock and use. And we have covered the method to obtain many of them. So if you are interested in getting something like Rubber Fruit and God’s Chalice, check out our Blox Fruits guides.