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Starfield: How To Get Kay’s Apartment Key

There are numerous locked doors in Starfield that you will need the key to. Here's how you can get Kay's Apartment key.

If you are in The Well in New Atlantis, sooner or later you will find yourself looking for Kay’s Apartment key in Starfield. Kay’s House is a well known restaurant that players can visit while on certain missions or simply to check out the different meals available there. However, once players visit the apartment the first time and attempt to open the locked door, they will get the prompt that it can be unlocked with Kay’s apartment key. There are a few things that players will have to keep in mind as they look for the key and in this guide, we will explain those to you.

How to Get Kay’s Apartment Key in Starfield

Starfield Kay's Apartment Key

To get Kay’s Apartment key in Starfield, players will have to steal it from none other than Kay Mason. The key is personally on her and players will need the Theft Skill in their Social Skill Tree if they want to get into her apartment. Players can get the recipe to Shepherd’s Pie that the Kay House is quite famous for once they manage to unlock and enter her apartment.

If you are looking to Pickpocket Kay’s Apartment Key from her, make sure you approach from her behind and while crouching. After that, press the Pickpocket option and then select Kay’s Apartment Key and then you will get the option to Steal.

Keep in mind that you will have to try and pickpocket the key without being seen by anyone. If you are caught, the security will appear quite quickly and you might end up getting arrested and in jail. Having said that, even if you do manage to escape you will rack up a certain amount of bounty on your head.

That’s all we have on how to get Kay’s Apartment Key in Starfield. If you found this guide useful, we have more Starfield guides that you might want to check out while you are here at Gamer Tweak.