How To Get Iron Fast In Minecraft Legends

Karan Pahuja
3 Min Read

Just like the original game, you should get yourself some Iron in Minecraft Legends because it will be quite useful. Since this is a new game you cannot go underground to mine it. Its farming process has been changed and Allays do the collection for you. So without further ado here are some of the best places where you can find it.

How to Get Iron in Minecraft Legends

how to get iron in minecraft legends
Image Credit: Quick Tips on YouTube

The best locations to farm Iron in this game are Dry Savanna, Forest, and the Fatelands biomes. Before you can start collecting Iron you first need to construct an Iron Gather Improvement. This becomes available after you destroy the 3 Piglin outposts during the game’s tutorial.

  1. Go to the Well of Fate and construct the Iron Improvement beside the Improvement hub.
  2. The game will now give you 25 Iron for completing the tutorial. And will teach you the melody that you should to use to make your allays gather Iron.
  3. Next, open your map and check the areas where you can get Iron. Your map is very useful because it shows you exactly the type of resources you can find in the area.
  4. Go to any of the above locations which are near you.
  5. After reaching here, use your Allay tune which lets you collect Iron.
  6. Unlike Trees or Stones, Iron is fairly harder to spot. Try placing your allay above ground that has iron blocks. It should somewhat look like the stone block but will have light-orange patches on it.
  7. On the bottom left screen, you will see an Allay less, it indicates an allay is gathering and adding Iron to your inventory.

While the above method should be your main way to farm iron, you can also get it by Opening Village Chests. After you save a village the villages will gather resources and fill up the chest. Make sure you collect these resources when you are passing them by.

Now you can that you have enough iron you can use it to spawn mossy and grindstone golems. You will also need it along with gold to activate the first of brick golem. If you found this guide helpful and need more help with this game then also check out how to get Prismarine, get Lapis, and unlock all golems.