How To Unlock All Golems In Minecraft Legends

Golems are powerful mobs that you can recruit in Minecraft Legends. Here is a complete guide for you to unlock them all.

After you have spent some time in Minecraft Legends, you should go and unlock all the Golems in the game. These are powerful mobs that can be very helpful to you on your quest against the Piglins. But the process of recruiting them to your team isn’t exactly straightforward. So here is a quick guide to help you out with it.

How to Unlock All Golems in Minecraft Legends

how to unlock all golems in minecraft legends
Image Credit: Trophygamers on YouTube

There are 8 Golems that you can get in Minecraft Legends. 4 of these are normal Golems that you can unlock by just progressing through the game. While the Firsts are the ones that you will have to explore for adding to your team. Here is how to get all the normal ones:

  • Cobblestone Golem: You get these Golems at the start and don’t have to manually unlock them. Use them for close fights.
  • Plank Golem: Just like Cobblestone, Plank Golems too you get at the start and don’t have to separately unlock. These are excellent for fighting from a distance.
  • Mossy Golem: You have to construct the Iron Improvement to unlock it. This golem works as a support character by healing you and your mobs.
  • Grindstone Golem: It too gets unlocked after you make the Iron Improvement. Grindstone golem fight on the front lines.

How to Unlock First Golems

To unlock the First Golems, you have to construct Wake the Firsts Improvement at your Well of Fate. You unlock this structure after you find your first deconstructed Golem. In order to look for them simply open your map and check for nearby question marks “???”. There is a good chance that these question marks might be the location of one such Golem.

Next, you need to assemble the different Firsts Golems to unlock them. They require resources to assemble, here is what you need for each of them:

  • First of Oak
    • Gold x100
    • Wood x500
  • First of Stone
    • Gold x100
    • Stone x500
  • First of Brick
    • Gold x100
    • Iron x125
  • First of Diorite
    • Gold x100
    • Coal x125

That is all you need to do to unlock every Golem in this game. But if you want to know more things about this game, then be sure to check out our Minecraft Legends section.